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CRYSTA Nagahori!

Located in Shinsaibashi, central Osaka, CRYSTA Nagahori is a 730 meter-long, east-to-west underground shopping arcade that encompasses the Nagahoribashi, Shinsaibashi, and Yotsubashi stations of the Osaka Metro. With an expansive line-up of products and services, CRYSTA Nagahori can accommodate the various needs of customers from around the world.

Excellent access to Osaka’s tourist attractions!
With direct access from three subway stations, CRYSTA Nagahori is easy to access from anywhere in Osaka. Customers can reach the arcade from the Umeda and Namba areas on just one train, without any transfers.

Comfortable shopping under a roof!
One of the main appeals of underground shopping is that customers can comfortably shop without having to worry about adverse weather conditions on ground level. The arcade also boasts a number of unique open areas—great places for a rendezvous!

Approximately 100 shops with a broad selection of products!

As well as fashion and general goods stores, CRYSTA Nagahori is home to a diverse range of shops including drug stores, convenience stores, shops that offer various services, and restaurants!

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    Barrier-free shopping for a safe, convenient experience!

    The underground walkway of CRYSTA Nagahori has incorporated a barrier-free design without steps or stairs, allowing wheelchair users and those with strollers to move around trouble-free. To get to ground level, customers can take the elevators or escalators.

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    All types of credit cards are accepted!

    Customers can use all types of credit cards at CRYSTA Nagahori.

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